VIDEO: Scandal-ridden speech of Serbian bishop in Vicenza

In October last year, the Swiss-Austrian bishop Andrew has accepted an invitation to participate in the world Synod of Bishops upon the “Appeal and Mission of the family in the Church and the modern world“ as a guest, as he says not only out of mere of courtesy. As a proven supporter of unification, under strong impression of his ”Orthodox mission“ in Vatican, he said that a culture of communication and a mutual respect there, regardless of the different points of view represented by the bishops on specific issues has left the deep impression on him.


Unfortunately for all Orthodox Serbs, the bishop did not stop there. The fact that he did not miss the opportunity to once again “bow to pope” and commend on the fact that the Pope and bishops from around the world had taken three weeks „for such an important topic,“ and as he believes that the Synod with the participation of representatives of other Christian confessions represents one step forward toward greater unity of the church, certainly did not surprise those who knew whose spiritual descendant bishop Andrew is.

Beloved spiritual child of bishop Irinej Bulovic (SOC wing plume which is well waded into the heresy of ecumenism and who pushes our Church into the schism and uniatism) a proven “Pope-kisser”, shortly after a visit to the Vatican, in a scandalous way, he preached in the Church of St. Luke in Vicenza.

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Prepared by FB page „Pravoslavlje život večni“

English edition: FB page „Orthodoxy Eternal Life“

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